Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Set Yourself Up for Success

I'mmmmm bacccckkkk!!! Sorry I've been MIA for so long. So much has happened, happening, is going to happen?? Where do I start? How do I explain, without explaining the last 3 months in a book? Well, we got denied ALTCS *again* ....big surprise right?Got another school eval that should change his status, but everyone is still recovering from the holidays it seems. Get it together people. LOL Bman started OT and ST at a new clinic and we LOVE it there. He's also theee only kid, and I mean the only one who walks in saying "I love OT, thanks Mom." No problem kid, you make me look like a bad-ass. Hahaha, then there's lil Benji, who now is 17 months old. (OMG) lil rascal let me tell you. So full of spunk and attitude, definitely have no idea where he got that from. ;)

Then Thanksgiving and my birthday came along, and time just kept going like it always does. Christmas, it was here so fast too. I felt like right when we got all our decorations up and the lights up outside, it was over and time to put everything away. (Outside lights are still up actually) Cant we all just slow down?? Cant somebody somewhere just change the rules; that a year equals 365 days and then that equals 12 months....can't we add time somehow??? Its going by way too fast. Speaking of Christmas though ....LOOK AT THIS!

                                                    Displaying 0115170959b.jpg

I know you cant really see it all that well, but this my friends, is called a 'Therapy Swing' and boy is it AWESOME! Its a must have in my opinion, for any family who has a kiddo with sensory issues. Bman by *asking*(big deal here folks) asks, "Mom, can I play games in my swing?" Uhhhhhhhhh, YES!! He needs help getting in of course, but once he's in, hes so happy and calm. He never flaps when he's in there. Even if he is playing games.

Another lousy but totally usable excuse for my disappearing is, I had to have surgery...boooo! Umbilical hernia repair surgery because I grow large humans apparently.  All healed fine and I have no restrictions as of now.  Which opens up a whole new jar of worms. (I'll write another post for that jar)

As far as my current goals, I'm want to try really hard to eat like my children. I bend over backwards and slave in the kitchen all day so they have healthy, no dye, blah blah food and I still reach for the crap. Since we have our wedding that's in September, I'd like to set a goal and lose weight before. We just have so much going on, I find it hard to find time. But excuses no more. I have everything I need now to be successful. Not only in regulating my kids sensory needs with his new therapy swing, but also, now after having had the repair surgery, to workout. Ill update everyone on my success as it comes.

So as this year is racing by at full speed already, wish me luck as I wish you luck on your hopes and goals.  I hope you all had a Happy Holiday and I wish nothing but the best for all of you. As for now, me and  the boys are gonna go swing.

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