Tuesday, January 31, 2017

3 Tools for Life

warning...mostly just ranting hahahaha

There's a few things that really irritate me other then the ugly, uneducated stares that we get from people who don't understand autism. Those things are; basic respect for humankind, common sense, and ability to move on! I find that the majority of people on earth, lack these 3 necessary tools so succeed in life, including myself.

Although I *do* have basic respect for humankind, I find far too often "I'm surround by assholes" (anyone who's seen Spaceballs will get it) SERIOUSLY. Why are we so easily offended?? Why do we feel better talking crap about people. Why? WHY? I always feel dirty talking crap about people.  I'll say something that's totally not meant to be malicious or taken any other way but 'open and honest' and almost every single time that person gets offended, or has to have the last word. I've learned to let these people think their right, just sit back and listen. (the majority of ppl who act this way, most likely have experienced trauma and just want/need the extra attention and to be listened too) I will love and support you but I will not coddle you.

 Not only is this world falling apart, I'm terrified that I have to teach my kids to survive in today's society. Especially one being autistic. Man, people are so damn judgmental, and so quick to do so too.  Right off the bat, just by looking at you, people know exactly who you are and what your about without even speaking...its crap...haven't you ever heard 'never judge a book by its cover"??  Well, I think we should all start living by "never judge a fellow human by their cover" or what you ASSUME you already know.

Common sense is too much to expect nowadays. I walk outside or through the store and see 100 things I could never imagine myself doing, or allowing my children to do. My brain hadn't even thought of the way your doing it. Maybe I'm the odd ball here, but I must say, that's never gonna change.(Thank God)  I see people working harder not smarter. Clearly that's my opinion and I'm sure some disagree, and that's okay!   I just wish for the sake of my children's generations future, everyone gets there act together.

Do you ever feel as you stroll through this thing called life, that you keep getting hung up on things from the past?? You see something that reminds you of....whatever, or get a feeling; that in the past, you were right about... then you almost create it or pick a fight just in spite...(not consciously) Damn, I did it often and I'm proud to say I think I finally figured it out.... how to not let that shit come back and effect me. I don't want to argue, I don't want my friends to be mad at me. I don't want to feel guilt when I think about if I could have prevented Bmans autism...who cares??? He was meant to come to me that way and I wouldnt change him for the world.  I think some of  'the ability to move on' is depicted on who you surround yourself with. Do they make it easy to be honest and blunt, and allow you to feel and express...or do they make you feel reserved because there always judging. Same goes for autism, the more comfortable they are around you, the more open they become. This is a lesson I just learned, super recently actually.  I always tell myself, "You'll never get where your going, if you never leave where you are." just a friendly reminder that not every person you befriend, is meant to stick around, every *asshole* you meet, may have just lost a family member. Every mom staring at me and my kids walking into the store, isn't staring at Bman's flappy hands.

Lets love each other, stop being so judgmental, and dedicate ourselves to raising intelligent, respectful, and adaptable kids; who one day WILL be our future.

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